Who we are

Marcello Cartoceti

Restoration, Exhibitions, Research

mobile +39 333 7963865

My passion has always been the valorization of cultural heritage. I have studied construction engineering at the University of Bologna, I have been chairperson of A.R.R.S.A. (Rimini Association for Historical and Archaeological Research), I have worked with Musei Comunali in Rimini and I have been honorary inspector for Soprintendenza for archaeological properties in Emilia Romagna. I have undertaken several archaeological, architectonical and artistic research, restoration and exhibitions. I have also published several papers. In 2006 I set up adArte, where I am responsible for any restoration projects, museum exhibitions and sites interpretation, historical research and health and safety issues.

Luca Mandolesi

Archaeology, Exhibitions, Research

mobile +39 349 6841285

I have a first degree in Medieval Archaeology from the University of Siena, where I have built and developed my archaeological skills, artefacts and software knowledge applied to cultural heritage. Since I was at the University, I have taken part to several archaeological excavations and field walking, worked with the University of Siena for sites interpretations, and published several papers. I joined the Archaeology of Medieval Landscapes group, where I was responsible for the development of database related to the management of archaeological data.
I took part to a number of archaeological diggings with Prof. Riccardo Francovich and Prof. Marco Valenti. I am responsible for the openSource pyArchInit project. It is a plugin for the management of GIS data coming from excavations. I am a fixed term lecturer for Master OpenTechne at CGT of the University of Siena, where I teach cultural heritage data management within GIS open source platforms.
I am a member of GFOSS.it for freedom of software. In 2006 I was one of the founders of adArte, where I have developed open source software for the management of archaeological data. I am also responsible for the circulation of this type of software. I am always keen to attend conference and workshops.

Chiara Cesaretti

Archaeology, Didactic, Research

mobile +39 339 5638895

When I was young, when looking at archaeological sites where archaeologists worked, I could see myself doing the same work, one day. While I was studying Cultural Heritage Conservation for my first degree at the University of Bologna, and when I was studying Classical Archaeology at the Specialization School, I could not stand there twiddling my thumbs, therefore, as student, I began to work in several urban archaeological digs. From my personal experience on the field, I have learnt how to manage my collaborators, how to build and manage relationships with statutory bodies and private clients.
I have published several papers based on my research and works; I have deep experience in preventive archaeology, didactic and sites interpretation. I have joined adArte in 2011, where I am responsible for archaeological research. I am also responsible for managing our staff and in doing so, I pay particular attention to team working. I believe working in partnership, including staff, clients and statutory bodies, is the best way to make our job run smoothly. I am also responsible for the tendering process.