Preventive archaeology

Discover what is underneath first

The Italian law n. 109 dated 25th of June 2005 and following amendments establishes that prior to any archaeological diggings for public construction works, a feasibility study of the interested area has to be undertaken. In many occasions, this type of research is useful and required by private clients as well. An archaeological evaluation allows both to plan any construction and refurbishment projects in a time and cost effective manner, and to better allocate our resources.

adArte is proud of offering a comprehensive range of services to comply with the legislation requirements in order to plan on time and cost effective projects, including the preparation of reports to be submitted to statutory advisors and/or local authorities.

Evaluation techniques we provide are listed below::

Desk-based assessment

It is a programme of study of the historic environment within a specified area or site on land in order to identify the likely heritage assets, their interests and significance and the character of the area under study. Material usually comes from public archives and museums.

Archaeological sites maps and archaeological risk maps

When available, we analyse archaeological risk maps to identify possible archaeological sites on land and their significance.

Field walking

When possible, we carry out a field walking to collect material from an area in a methodical manner to map the location and spread of buried sites. It gives an idea about the layout and type of the site that is being investigated.

Geophysical survey

Our geoservices are based on geo-prospection techniques, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometer, electromagnetometer for resistivity and tomography in order to identify locations of archaeological interest.

Archaeological core-drilling

To undertake precise and in depth research of the soil, and determine the significance of any remains.

Trial trenches and test-pits

A partial excavation of the soil can provide detailed information about the presence or absence of buried archaeological remains and their significance. It consists of a quick and targeted activity. We can also provide mechanical excavators and all work is undertaken under the close supervision of experienced field archaeologists.

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