Architectural restoration

Looking for places’ soul

We can intervene during several phases of the restoration process, starting from the recognition of the property to acquire and ending with the management and supervision of restoration experts.

During restoration works, we are mainly interested in the history of the property and the execution of works. For these reasons, we usually build up a solid documentation prior to any works: we recreate the history of a place through the research of documents related to it in order to understand the soul of the place itself. Equally important to us, is to undertake accurate architectural surveys, which might be supported by analysis of upper levels. We can also undertake other types of surveys, such as wall stratigraphy or archaeological surveys in order to better understand the complexity of a site.

We take care of any phase of the restoration process and its execution. We are familiar with materials and we value any details in order to bring a place to its original splendour.

Works in Architectural restoration