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Summer School of San Costanzo

In 2012 some archaeological excavations began at the cemetery of San Costanzo, a small village near the city of Pesaro, in the Marche Region. Archaeological excavations, which have been supervised by the Archaeological Soprintendenza (Marche) and funded by the council of San Costanzo, have focused on a wide area of 3000 square meters; they have brought to light a necropolis dated back to Iron Age and situated not far from the coeval settlement. So far, special attention has been given to the cemetery area, which consists of 700 square meters and has revealed traces of 85 inhumation burials. By studying and restoring the objects forming the grave goods, it has been possible to date all materials back to the 8th century B.C.

The Archaeological Soprintendenza has arranged for an archaeological excavation to be undertaken on the whole area: it has been planned to investigate both the necropolis and the areas characterised by the human presence. Details of the agreement are available here (in Italian only). AdArte have been appointed to carry out the archaeological excavation: their experience in didactic/education and high qualified experts is the reason for this choice. They have worked in particular with the University of Siena and led educational projects in several places in Emilia-Romagna. In order to provide a high quality experience of archaeological diggings, a qualified staff of archaeologists, restorers, anthropologists, topographers, archaeozoologists, have been established.

The summer school will be supervised by the Archaeological Soprintendenza (Marche); supervisor will be Dr. Maria Gloria Cerquetti ( It will be organised and managed by the Council of San Costanzo and some archaeologists from adArte ( , in particular by Chiara Cesaretti, Luca Mandolesi ed Alessandro Campedelli.

As part of the summer school programme, room and board have already been arranged in order to offer excellent services in terms of accommodation, wine and food products, all coming from the inland.


Overview of the programme

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